Saturday, July 31, 2021

Diabetes Reversal - Is it a myth?

" Join our Diabetes Reversal programme only Rs 99/-"

"Join webinar and learn art of Diabetes Reversal"

Such ads and promos fill our internet social networking sites. "Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder" such statements are just on ever other page.

If diabetes can be solved is so easy said then why are we seeing no decline in sales of anti diabetic drugs . Or is it that we are just replacing one with other pathy.

Friends , Reversal of diabetes isn't possible unless we understand the cause of diabetes.

Now hey hey.... You know it ?? . 

Are you thinking of sugar, stress, insulin,pancreas...

That's the problem , we are just talking of effects. Right. And we are saying these effects as causes.Then how on earth ,are we solving it.

Let me explain.

If Sugar levels is diabetes,the control of sugar is medicine. 

If stress is diabetes then ,solving stress is diabetes.

If insulin is diabetes, then solving correcting those values are answers.

If pancreas is the issue then solving that is answer.

If peripheral resistance is a problem then solving that is the answer.

So hell lot of things right, that's why Diabetes is a syndrome, a complex of many errors together .

So what the products are offering in market,if they are understanding the syndrome in toto ,and also are able to get into the cause of the whole process ,then only reversals are truthful or else they are just " नए नए पैकेट में मिलती चीज़ वहीं पूरानी".

Join us more ... To know about Diabetes Reversal.

Till then do find out ,who in world iscreally doing Diabetes reversal in toto.

Atma Malik

Dr Sadanand Rasal

Saturday, December 5, 2020

खाना और शरीर का अनुपात(proportion)

 खाया हुआ खाना पेट में तो जाता है, पर पहुंचता किदर है???

आप अगर सेहत मंद खाना खाओगे तो आपके शरीर का हर हिस्सा अनुपात (प्रोपोर्शन) में होगा। 

आपका कमर के नीचे का हिस्सा हाथी जैसा और पेट मेंढ़क जैसा और हाथ बन्दर के जैसे।


आपके पैर जिराफ जैसे,पेट और पीट गैंडे जैसा, और आप के हाथ हिरण की पैर जैसा,


आपका पीट ऊंट जैसी, शरीर भैंसे जैसा


आप का शरीर उल्लू जैसा छाती,पेट, और पैर का ऊपर का हिस्सा फूला हुआ


आप का शरीर कंकाल जैसे

खाना तो हम खाते है फिर शरीर का हर हिस्सा क्यों नहीं खाता??

अगर सेहतमंद खाता तो एक समान दिखता,

अश्व की तरह( घोड़ा)

हिरण की तरह

या बाज जैसा ।


आप खुद को सेहतमंद समझते हो,

पर क्या आप हो??

शरीर आप का चलचित्र है, जिसके डायरेक्टर,एक्टर एंड प्रोड्यूसर आप ही हो। 

आपके चलचित्र की क्वालिटी पैकिंग पे नहीं ,अंदर के माल से बनती है।

आत्मनिरीक्षण करे

विज्ञान जहा देख ना पाए

योग अपनी दृष्टि से राह दिखाए ।।

सुन्दर दिखो

 मनोभवन और आकर्षक भी,

आत्मा मालिक

Dr सदानंद

Monday, October 5, 2020

Diet As Miracle Remedy-by Dr Sadanand Rasal

 Diet as miracle remedy

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
11:27 AM

By Dr Sadanand Rasal.

It's been testing,boring ,bland,disgusting diet charts to most of you. I know you must be fed up. It's natural to feel so.
    You all must have also witnessed the changes and cures in you. Something not achieved anywhere else.

Our variety of clients include those who suffer from,
1. Osteo arthritis of knee
2. Spine issues
3. Heart diseases- CCF, Valvular damage , CAD,LVH.
4. Cerebral atrophy ,convulsions, epilepsy, neuromuscular dysfunction, memory issues,
5. Fatty liver,liver diseases
6. PCOD ,ovarian cyst, Uterus diseases.
7. Endocrine disorders
8. Cancer
9. Shoulder issues
10. Chronic arthritis or Autoimmune arthritis
11. Kidney problems and Chronic kidney disease or failure
12. Thromboembolism
13. Diabetes , and complication

So what's so miraculous about our Diets???
Here's a brief insight -
It is well known fact that modern dietary habits are one of the alarming contributing factors in various chronic diseases prevailing these days.

During  days with my master ,my master gave vigourous fastings called as anusthana's ,some for 4 days while some for months.
This was given to each disciple , though the mode of fasting  varied.
During these period of my study I saw numerous changes happening within me and in others too. This made me eager  about the process and thereafter i began my research. After 10 yrs of  study and observing my master, contemplating on things said by him,the understanding and knowledge of Diet has a never seen before dimension.

I call our diet programme as atmanurup-panchKosha cleansing, wherein specific food  is given in a thoughtful way.

How does these programme work?
Out of many reasons , today in this article let's discuss about one of the foremost reason,
" Autophagy"
What is autophagy?
Auto- self/ own
Phagy - eating/ destruction.
Autophagy delivers cytoplasmic material and organelles to lysosomes called as autophagosomes ,for degradation. The magnitude of autophagosome formation is tightly regulated by intracellular and extracellular amino acid concentrations and ATP levels via signaling pathways that include the nutrient sensing kinase TOR.
Autophagy functions as a stress response that is upregulated by starvation, oxidative stress, or other harmful conditions. Now our diet plans exactly provide the ingredients needed and also nullify those to be reduced in body
It is this  autophagy that  possess important strength to.upkeep your body just like,
1. Housekeeping.
2. control of functions that contribute to health
3. Longevity of life
4.  Improves innate and adaptive immunity,
5. programmed cell death,
6.  prevention of cancer, neurodegeneration and aging.
In addition, iit is when this autophagic degradation is impaired by reasons related to changes in blood biochemistry it contributes to the pathogenesis of several chronic diseases ,that also includesysosomal storage disorders like MPS which presents as shunted development,dwarfism and delayed or absent growth milestones.and muscle diseases.
Different types of autophagic modes happen in.body are known:
1) macroautophagy, or simply autophagy,
2) microautophagy, and
3) chaperone-mediated autophagy.
In macroautophagy, a portion of cytoplasm to be degraded is first wrapped inside a specialized organelle, the autophagosome, which then fuses with lysosomal vesicles and delivers the engulfed cytoplasm for degradation
In microautophagy, the lysosomal membrane itself sequesters a portion of cytoplasm  a process that resembles pinching off of phagosomes or pinosomes from the plasma membrane 
In chaperone-mediated autophagy, proteins possessing a specific sequence signal are .transported from the cytoplasm, through the lysosomal membrane, to the lysosomal lumen 

When we study your scan and other reports we analyze the data and then point out what is the problem? And what rectification is needed.

7. Accordingly specific diets are given with strictly advised receipe of preparation and also time of consumption of food. That's to see that the above process happens.

So friends this is how we cure all those disease conditions and ailments , this is how you look younger on following the programme.
But if you do not follow the diets as advised, then these process gets interrupted and then complete cure cannot be achieved.

By dr.sadanand